Because I Want Him

Just Because, Book #2

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Prince Frederick must improve his public image before he does any more damage to the Royal Family of Solena and earns the scorn of his father forever.

Becoming the patron of a children’s charity in London is meant to help. No more swearing, getting drunk, and giving the press the middle finger. Now is his chance to show the world what he’s really like; polite, refined, decent.

Single dad Benjamin Roberts is taking a risk and he knows it. Prince Frederick isn’t exactly what he expected when a royal patron was suggested for the charity he is director of, but just like the kids he helps, he believes everyone deserves a second chance, even royalty.

Sparks fly between the director and the prince, and something starts to bloom. But is a relationship with a commoner a step too far for Frederick’s reputation?

In the fight between love and duty, who will be crowned the victor?
Because I Want Him is a standalone in the MM Single Dad Romance Series ‘Just Because’. It’s a royalty/royal prince/commoner gay romance set in England (UK) with a side of humour, steamy sex, and a cute kid thrown in.